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Arlington Boudoir Photographer | 5 Tips to Prep for your Boudoir Photography Session.

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

These 5 tips will help you prepare for your upcoming boudoir session. Things you may not have thought of!

Hi there! I'm Crystal, a Arlington boudoir photographer located in Pantego, Texas. I felt this would really help women that are planning or possibly already scheduled for a boudoir session. I've found these are some important things that I hope will help you feel confident going into your session.

All my clients get a incredibly detailed prep guide that goes over even more things to help my clients check all thier boxes of how to come prepaired.

So let's get you ready!! I gotcha covered.

Tip #1 - Don't get a spray tan!!

We all want that nice tan for our photos but this is a big no no. Why? Posing in your sessions you will see areas of your body that the spray tan might not get to leaving a very unnatural look. It could be very hard for your photographer to edit or they could charge extra fees to edit tem out. Think bending over and the lines on your buttcrack are a completely different color, with a weird harsh transition that screams spray tan. No thanks right?

I don't know about you but, have you ever had a spray tan you hate? Like, the color looked awful, your hands or bottoms of your feet were discolored? You don't want to risk this and possibly have to even reschedule (rescheduling fees possibly). I promise no matter your skin tone with the lighting techniques used you will look absolutely gorgeous. Trust me it's not worth the risk.

Tip #2 - Wax no earlier than 5-7 days before your session.

Getting waxed can help you feel more confident since you will likely be wearing small lingerie pieces, possibly completely nude and in certain poses you wouldn't typically be in. You never want to get waxed anywhere (face, bikini, legs etc.) earlier than 5-7 days before your session, just in case your skin gets irritated, red or has any bad reactions to the wax. Even if you do wax regularly, making sure your not going somewhere new since every place can use diffrent types of wax, you might have a diffrent waxer. Even if you do go to the same place and often, id still stay in the 5-7 day mark just in case.

Props to you ladies that do wax often. I've done it 3xs and OMG that shit hurts!! lol Or maybe I'm just a weenie. That's probly more likely:)

Tip #3 - Bring personal things to inccorperate to make your session unique to you.

I have had women bring old jerseys from college, significant others work shirts, favorite jackets and even Harry Potter robes because thats what they love! Nothing is too "out of the box".

For bridal boudoir sessions, women have brought their veils, wedding shoes, jewlery even their gowns! This makes a husbands gift even more special. You are unique and adding a couple things that you love or that shows you personality is definitely something you want for your session. Not sure what you might want to bring? Put it in your bag and ask your photographer their thoughts and they will help guide you to pick the best pieces to create something you will love.

Tip #4 - YOGA stretches

I always give my clients a prep guide with photos of some easy yoga poses/streatches you can do the night before and the morning of your session. Almost all boudoir poses have twist in your hips and you will be arching your back more than you ever have. These will help open up your back and make posing more comfortable when doing certain poses. The poses most women love are when their backs are very arched. I always tell my clients "If your back isnt a little sore tommorow we didn't do it right." lol

But seriously.... your back will thank you. Don't skip it:)

Tip #5 - Make sure you and your photographer a good match for eachother.

It's easy to get all little stressed before your boudoir session, espically if it's your first one. If you find the right photographer, they will put you at ease so that you will have an empowering session that you can leave feeling excited, beautiful and more confident than ever before.

I highly suggest scheduling a phone consult to chat with your photographer before your session. This is something I require personally for all my clients after they book. I want to make sure were both a good match for both our sakes. You want to be able to see if you and the photographer vibe. If your an introvert that is soft spoken and reserved (like me), you may not be a good match for photographer is really loud or way more outgoing. For an introvert, this may be more stressful and just not a good fit for this type of session. Maybe.... that's just what you need, someone that will really push you to get out of your box. Everyone is diffrent and you know what you need. Vice versa!! Someone very outgoing may feel board with someone that can't match their energy. You get what I'm saying. A quick chat, you will likely know if your a good fit for eachother.

That's all for now ladies:)

I hope these 5 quick tips helps you prepairing for your boudoir session. Remember to have fun and this will be an experience that you will never forget. I'm so happy your doing or concidering this for yourself.

All my clients will recieve an extencive prep guide on many more tips on what to do and what not to do for their boudoir sessions.


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