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Featured Testimonial

Testomonial foor Fort Woth Boudoir Photographer

 Never In a million years would I have thought I would do boudoir photos - but I did them with Crystal and had a photographer experience I won’t soon forget.

Crystal prepares you for EVERYTHING and lets you know what to expect along the way.

At her studio, you will find a HUGE selection of outfits - as skimpy or as modest as your heart desires (pro tip: go a little skimpy).

You get to try on as many outfits as you like until you find “the perfect ones” for your shoot. The whole time, crystal makes you feel comfortable and confident and gives you pointers on which outfits would better accentuate your greatest assets - no pun intended

Before your session, she will send you a complete list that tells you what to do to prep for your shoot. She gives tips on nail polish colors that will “pop” and reminds you to hydrate so that your skin will glow, and tells you to make sure you SCRUB those feet:)

Once I arrived, I was a little nervous about someone seeing ALL of me - but Crystal made me feel extremely comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. After the first 5 camera clicks I was as comfortable as can be.

 Crystal perfectly positioned me to make the most out of my poses. We were able to do several backgrounds/scenes and poses. An hour was plenty of time and I didn’t feel rushed at all. Everything just flows from one thing to the next

I have to admit I’m on the thicker side and I’m short so, i was thinking “how is “this” going to look good in photos- but let me tell you - when i got the photos back - HOLY SMOKE!! THEY WERE INCREDIBLE!! And I’m not saying that because they are pictures of me… I’m saying that because the way Crystal played with the lighting made every photo shine! I LOVED the colors and tones on the colored photos just as much as I did on the black and white ones!! And the way she posed me brought out NOTHING but the best of what I had to offer physically - trust her with the poses and you won’t be disappointed.

 I’ll wrap this up by saying I was extremely satisfied with Crystal and have already referred her to every female I’ve spoken to since the shoot and encouraged them to do photos like this. Let’s face it- as women- we naturally have insecurities and will nit pick ourself to pieces - but Crystal is able to capture the beauty of you and highlight those beautiful and perfect imperfections in a way that will boost your confidence, raise your self esteem, and make you love your body even more. I can’t thank her enough for this experience.

                                                                              -Miss E

The Photographer

Crystal Wakeland 

   Hi! My name is Crystal and I'm just your average laid back, goofy type girl doing a job that truly makes me happy. I love coffee, plants and freaking much! Even though I can only have fake ones because I can't keep a plant alive to save my life. I am the owner of Wakeland Boudoir Studios. I'm a LEO wife, mother of 4 crazy kids ages from 2 -17 years old and have 2 big fur babies. I love to travel, although it is so hard to find time these days with our busy family. I've always loved anything that has to do with art. Painting, drawings, photos, tattoos, you name it, I probably love it. I also use to work in surgery as a surgical tech and specialized in ENT and spine. Although I really loved it, the art part of my life that I loved so much was missing. I now own my own studio in Arlington/Pantego Texas and have been specializing in boudoir, maternity boudoir and couples boudoir for 7 years now.


  I love my kids, being a mom and getting the opportunity to help women feel empowered is so special because I feel it's easy to lose our true selves in our busy lives.  For me personally, being a boss, busy mom, wife and taking care of the house, it's easy to give all of yourself to everyone else and forget to self love sometimes. I'm a girl that hardly wears makeup, LOVES oversized sweatpants and t-shirts. But every now and then I want to feel pretty and sexy which is hard for me to do/see sometimes! Which brings me to this.

Why I am a boudoir photographer: As women we give so much and it's important to not forget that no matter our size, age or where we are in our life, it's our journey and we need to feel sexy and empowered walking it!!! YOU are worth it and I'm here to remind you of that just in case you may have forgotten:)


 I would love to chat and and talk about YOU now. I want to know all about you and why you are considering a boudoir session!


Hair and Makeup Artist

Rachel Rainey

"Hi, ladies! My name is Rachel Rainey and I am the owner of Rainey Day Makeup Artistry, LLC. I specialize in bridal and boudoir makeup and am looking forward to meeting all of you through Crystal's wonderful photography business!

I have extensive experience with makeup application for all skin tones and textures, as well as hair. I would love to bring your vision to life and create a look that will make you feel beautiful, confident and ready to be in front of the camera!

A little about me- I am a huge travel bug! I'm always itching for an adventure, so feel free to chat with me about your favorite travel experiences while I glam you up!!! A random thing that people are surprised to learn is that I am a gifted writer and hope to be an author someday. I'm way better at expressing myself on pen and paper than with words (however I still consider myself a social butterfly)

   I am a huge animal lover, and my 90lb German Shepard, Milo, is my entire world! I will always look forward to seeing photos of your fur babies, as well during our appointment:) 


 Album Company

All Female Team

It is very important to me that all my clients feel comfortable in EVERY step of their boudoir journey with me. This is why I order all my albums from and an all women, small business, that specialize in boudoir albums. 

What does that mean for you as a client?

1) No need to worry about who will see your images when going through large labs that produce like crazy. The process of these albums are all printed and handmade by women just like you and me. They will print, bind and package your images/album with the care and respect that it deserves. 

2) Since this company specializes in boudoir, the options are ENDLESS in the different designs for your album. From Italian leather, Vegan leathers, alligator print and even rainbow glitter if that's what you love! They have gorgeous custom gilding, acrylic cover display boxes and metallic crystal covers for your album! Fancy right? Wait till you see it in person.

3) This company also donates 7% of all its profits to the London Abused Women Center, which is an amazing agency that helps women and girls that have been abused, trafficked, prostituted or harassed. They give support and provide counseling for the women and girls that need help. 


Boudoir album Branding-2.jpg
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