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Fort Worth, Texas Boudoir Photographer | Mrs. N's Session

My name is Crystal Wakeland and I am a Boudoir photographer in Fort Worth, Texas at Wakeland Boudoir Studios. I am changing the narrative around body confidence and self-love. Meet Mrs. N, a courageous woman who embarked on a transformative boudoir session with me, breaking barriers and rediscovering her beauty in the process.

Mrs. N's journey began with the excitement of finally embracing a boudoir session, a celebration of her unique beauty and femininity. However, like many individuals, she grappled with self-consciousness about her body. As a Fort Worth, Texas boudoir photographer, I pride myself in being a compassionate photographer and have always been determined to make my clients feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Every women deserves to feel confident and I feel honored working with women all over the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. I've always been a true believer in positivity and once you focus on that, you will grow so much faster and be happier. A lot of us can really struggle with only focusing on things about ourselves that we "wish were different". Women that are worried about their insecurities (we all are guilty of this), have a perfect opportunity of doing a boudoir session and catapulting their confidence even if there is some doubt. They will blow themselves away in how gorgeous they look. The beauty of blowing yourself away is that you can't and won't argue with yourself! YOU know you're beautiful:)

The Client closet Experience: The journey unfolded as Mrs. N and I collaboratively explored the client closet, selecting outfits that would complement her features. With her striking red hair and unique skin tone in mind, I helped guide Mrs. N in choosing colors that would not only enhance her beauty but also boost her confidence.

I recognized Mrs. N's inclination towards "safe" outfits she brought and gently nudged her to step outside her comfort zone. It's a philosophy deeply embedded in me. Approaching and encouraging clients to choose at least one outfit that pushes the boundaries. This, in turn, provides an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

Mrs. N arrived with two teddy-style outfits, but I really tried to encouraged her, she embraced the chance to go a little bolder. Selecting an outfit that was initially outside her comfort zone became a catalyst for a truly transformative experience. I was so excited to point out when she came to view her images that she only chose 1 in her "safe" outfit:) We didn't stay in it long because I knew it wasn't something that really showed off her gorgeous features and she was feeling incredibly confident and I didn't want the flame to fizzle.

Fort Worth Texas Boudoir Photographer | Natural Light Boudoir | Boudoir Photography | Black bodysuit | Red hair and lips

Blossoming Confidence: As the session progressed, a remarkable transformation occurred. Just ten minutes into the shoot, I shared a glimpse of the images on the camera's display. The effect was instant - Mrs. N was blown away. The raw, unfiltered beauty captured in those moments resonated with her, and it became a catalyst for an inspiring confidence boost.

Watching Mrs. N blossom before my eyes, It was not just a photoshoot but a journey of self-discovery. The artistry of boudoir photography, when done with sensitivity and respect, becomes a powerful tool for individuals to embrace their bodies, let go of insecurities, and recognize their inherent beauty. This is why boudoir is so dear to my heart, it has so much power of building self confidence and can be a complete game changer for some women. I'll never get tired of seeing women light up when seeing their images for the first time. They are seeing themselves in a completely different light for the very first time . It's a beautiful thing to witness and I'm honored to be a part of their journey.

I am a Fort Worth Texas Boudoir Photographer that wants nothing more than just capturing stunning images; Empower individuals like Mrs. N to embrace their uniqueness and beauty. Through a carefully curated experience, I'm hoping to change the narrative, one photoshoot at a time, proving that confidence is a journey, and sometimes all it takes is a new perspective through the lens.

Let's chat about how I can help you on your self love journey. I want to help you build confidence and embrace and love your body. Don't let your insecurities keep you from where you truly want to be. I have a special woman's only VIP Facebook group that is a safe space for women to privately share their wins, ask questions and hear straight from women that have been through the experience and what they felt after their sessions. Follow this link to request to be added, we would love to meet you!


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