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  I'm so excited that your finally looking into doing something for YOU! It's so important that we realize no matter where we are in this crazy life they we are strong, beautiful and sexy. I offer the full experience of getting professional hair and makeup, access to a client closet and offer gorgeous products that you and your partner will love.


  Worried about posing or maybe a little nervous? I'm going to let you in on a little secret.... most of my clients are excited for the experience but very nervous too! It's completely normal and once you come to the studio and we get started you'll realize that it's not as scary as you thought, that it's a lot of fun:)  I will walk you through all the posing to get the most flattering angles of your body while we listen to your favorite music. Everybody is different and we need to embrace every inch of it. 


   I use natural light and studio light in my Arlington, Texas studio. I love both looks so much that I  offer a little bit of both. My boho inspired room, silk bed setup, and shower setup will give you lots of variety that you are sure to love. Ready to indulge? Let's do this!!

Before and Afters

Disclaimer: ALL of the women on my website are regular women and not models. With hair and makeup, the most gorgeous light and complete direction this can be you too. Confident, gorgeous and empowered to feel your absolute best. My clients are moms, nurses, teachers, business women and all ages. Boudoir photography isn't for a certain figure, age or type of women, it is for every women. 

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