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This month's Featured Testimonial

 Never In a million years would I have thought I would do boudoir photos - but I did them with Crystal and had a photographer experience I won’t soon forget.

Crystal prepares you for EVERYTHING and lets you know what to expect along the way.

At her studio, you will find a HUGE selection of outfits - as skimpy or as modest as your heart desires (pro tip: go a little skimpy).

You get to try on as many outfits as you like until you find “the perfect ones” for your shoot. The whole time, crystal makes you feel comfortable and confident and gives you pointers on which outfits would better accentuate your greatest assets - no pun intended

Before your session, she will send you a complete list that tells you what to do to prep for your shoot. She gives tips on nail polish colors that will “pop” and reminds you to hydrate so that your skin will glow, and tells you to make sure you SCRUB those feet:)

Once I arrived, I was a little nervous about someone seeing ALL of me - but Crystal made me feel extremely comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. After the first 5 camera clicks I was as comfortable as can be.


 Crystal perfectly positioned me to make the most out of my poses. We were able to do several backgrounds/scenes and poses. An hour was plenty of time and I didn’t feel rushed at all. Everything just flows from one thing to the next

I have to admit I’m on the thicker side and I’m short so, i was thinking “how is “this” going to look good in photos- but let me tell you - when i got the photos back - HOLY SMOKE!! THEY WERE INCREDIBLE!! And I’m not saying that because they are pictures of me… I’m saying that because the way Crystal played with the lighting made every photo shine! I LOVED the colors and tones on the colored photos just as much as I did on the black and white ones!! And the way she posed me brought out NOTHING but the best of what I had to offer physically - trust her with the poses and you won’t be disappointed.

 I’ll wrap this up by saying I was extremely satisfied with Crystal and have already referred her to every female I’ve spoken to since the shoot and encouraged them to do photos like this. Let’s face it- as women- we naturally have insecurities and will nit pick ourself to pieces - but Crystal is able to capture the beauty of you and highlight those beautiful and perfect imperfections in a way that will boost your confidence, raise your self esteem, and make you love your body even more. I can’t thank her enough for this experience.


 I love Crystal! You will immediately feel comfortable around her, she is very patient, and just an overall beautiful spirit to be around! Definitely a women who helps boost your self confidence, get you to completely step out of your shell, and just overall EMBRACE the body you were blessed with!! The best photographer I know.


Crystal Wakeland is the best photographer hands down! My husband and I were able to do a couples shoot with her and all I can say is amazing!! This was so fun to do with my husband and crystal knew our vibe and always makes it fun.


Crystal Wakeland is the best photographer hands down! My husband and I were able to do a couples shoot with her and all I can say is amazing!! This was so fun to do with my husband and crystal knew our vibe and always makes it fun.


Let me tell you what, even at 8 months pregnant with my 4th pregnancy....I didn't feel it! Crystal knows all the angles and tips to make you feel and look stunning! She has an eye like no other and I never thought I would have such a beautiful session but these boudoir photos are fire!!!


Crystal did an amazing job! I could not be happier with the results! I was definitely nervous about the shoot but Crystal's personality is definitely one that will ease your worries. After about 10 minutes I felt so much more comfortable. The makeup artist also does such an amazing job of making you look your best!


Crystal was unbelievably kind, professional and did the BEST job at making me feel comfortable during my shoot. We catted, laughed and had so much fun! When she delivered my gallery, my jaw dropped to the floor at how gorgeous she made me feel! She is so very talented! The sky is the limit for her career and I wish her nothing but the absolute best. I can't wait to give these photos to my husband in a few months on our wedding day! Thank you so much Crystal for exceeding all of my expectations for my first boudoir shoot!


It was my first time doing a boudoir photoshoot and I absolutely loved the experience. She had great documentation to help prepare for my photoshoot. I enjoyed getting my hair and makeup done. I brought tons of items, but did not end up using them, so I would suggest only bringing things you absolutely want to use as she has tons of awesome options to choose from. I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I definitely felt I was able to do that. She was great about communicating about ordering and delivery. If you are on the fence, I wouldn't procrastinate any longer and do it. Even if you are self-conscious about certain parts of your body, she is great at accentuating what you like and putting less in focus/hiding things you don't like. I got a metal print and album from her and they are absolutely stunning. 


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