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Fort Worth Boudoir Photographer | Studio Setup Add on

Hello there! I'm Crystal, a Boudoir Photographer located near Arlington Texas just in Pantego Texas. Most people unless your from the area, have not even heard of Pantego. haha

We had so much fun at this gorgeous womens session. She decided to get a gorgeous journal style album for a gift for her husband for their 20th wedding anniversary. I absoluetly love the studio setup add on to boudoir sessions for the simplicity of the looks you get. This gives your boudoir session a real edge from a typical regular session. Yes, I love all the pretty setups in the studio too, they are absoulely gorgeous, but using a simple backdrop with diffrent lighting techniques never disappoints!

You can see above that the options with a boudoir studio setup add on are endless! I love that you can wear lingerie, button up shirt, a sexy black blazer or even nude and get a stunning look that makes a prefect piece of art to put on your wall. I would have to say the blazer is a stunning classic that is my favorite. Total boss babe look! If your wondering if you should add this to your session, the answer is always YES!! Being a boudoir photographer in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, we are full of lovers of art and thats exactly what this look gives you.

If you are near Dallas Fort Worth Texas and want to join my Facebook VIP women only group please go to my home page on my website to request to join!! We have daily affirmations, funny memes and you get first dibs on any boudoir model calls!

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