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Fort Worth, Texas Boudoir Photographer | Miss E's Boudoir Session

I was so excited when Miss E booked her boudoir session because she was a returning client of mine and we always have fun! Getting all dolled up and seeing women reaction to their photos is something that will never get old to me. Their faces lighting up in excitement to think, "Holy crap, that's me!!". It is always so nice seeing a familiar face in the studio. I know I'm doing my job right when they come back and trust me with such an intimate session like this. Women typically come in a little nervous and get warmed up pretty quick. Not Miss E, she was killing it the whole session! I was so blown away in how easy it was to turn on her fire! Seriously... call the fire department cause she's gonna burn it down!! It was hard for her to pick outfits cause she loved so many, but fair enough, there is a lot to choose from. I was excited that she decided to do this as a gift for her husband for there anniversary, but for herself as well. It is always a win-win when your booking as a gift cause it will be amazing for the both of you.

It was such a surprise when her husband popped his head around the corner at the ordering appointment. I said "Oh hey! (lol) she couldn't keep the secret huh?". She couldn't hold the secret, she was too excited:) I'm the same way and get so excited about giving gifts too. I always end up giving them early. After the video, her husband said " I'm speechless". Best gift EVER! He seriously was speechless watching her video of her gallery.

I love the different variety we get at my studio with it still having a cozy space. I have 9 rooms in my studio and 3 are for my boudoir sessions. I have an earthy, warm boho vibe room, a lifestyle setup that includes a cream or emerald couch, table and accents as well as a queen size bed setup that I have lots of satin and cotton sheet options for you to choose from. I know it can be hard to jump out of your comfort zone. But if you trust me and the process of your boudoir session I promise you won't regret it and you'll relax very quickly.


  • I just want to get a little skinnier. - We all say that, no matter how big or small we are, I promise. Embrace and love yourself now because you ARE beautiful!

  • These women are already beautiful.- All my clients are everyday women. They are stay at home moms, nurses, business women and teachers. Once you see your images, you'll think "Holy crap, I totally pulled it off and I look damn good!". Because you DO!!

  • I'm to old. -Girl.... hush your mouth! Boudoir is for EVERY women and I can't wait to see you nail your session:) Every size, shape and age ( 18 years an older). No women gets to a certain age or a certain weight and looses their sexiness, it's NOT a thing and I'm going to show you:)

So what are you waiting for?!? Make 2023 your year and get out of your box and book your session. I can't wait to meet you!!




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