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Arlington, Texas Boudoir Photographer | Bridal Boudoir

This client was so excited to be getting married and wanted to get a gift for her soon to be husband. Bridal Boudoir is such and amazing gift for both the bride and groom! The bride gets to have an amazing experience and get a huge confidence boost, feel absolutely amazing and the groom gets something that he never seen coming!

I love taking tons of details for bridal boudoir sessions. haveing brides bring something thier fiance wears all the time like a jersey, jacket or even one of thier buisness/ work shirts will definetly add that special touch to a grooms wedding gift. This gift will also give you a little boost for your wedding night too. He'll never see it coming! I love adding veils as a prop during the session as well and always incourage women to bring anything they might wear for the wedding like, shoes, veils, even your dress for some gorgeous shots of taking the dress off. I try to make it completely unique to every client.

Adding wedding colors to your bridal boudoir session is also another way to make your session even more special. I was so excited when she told me that emerald green was a main color in thier wedding. I have an emerald couch because green is my absolute FAVE!! So freaking pretty. I love that we did sweet, gorgeous photos but still had lots of spice with adding a shower wet set too. As a mom that has been married for 8 years now, a session like this is something you both can remember forever as apart of your big day. When you think of when you got married, the memories of your session, the way you felt at your session, what you felt seeing your images for the first time, the way he reacted when you gave him your gift, will be something you'll both never forget. Bridal Boudoir is a win-win in my book!

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