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Fort Worth, Texas Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Miss T's Boudoir Session

Fort Worth, Texas Maternity Boudoir Photographer, Arlington, Texas Maternity Photographer, Lifestyle Maternity

Miss T came in for her boudoir session and we were both so excited. When I talk to my clients before their sessions I typically feel like we already know each other before we even meet. Once she arrived we just clicked and I knew we would have a lot of fun with her photos. Anytime I would suggest something she would light up and say "Yeah. Let's do it!". My gorgeous green couch had arrived just a few days before so I was thrilled when she loved the idea of using it. I LOVE the green velvet soooo much:) haha Once she was done with hair and makeup, she asked my stylist if she could help with her hubby's man bun. It looked absolutely fabulous until dad decided to try on some of my hats in my client closet and messed it up and she had to fix it again. Disclaimer: Mens heads are too big for my women hats! lol

Maternity boudoir has been my most popular added request for maternity sessions. I also specialize in fine art maternity so it's always had a spot in my heart. When moms are expecting sometimes its easy to feel like you identity is changing into "a mom". This is very empowering and is why boudoir is something so special. Embracing your body's changes and feeling comfortable knowing that you are absolutely killing it! It has always fascinated me that our body can go through these incredible changes to make someone so precious that will literally change your life forever. I love getting the opportunity to add these as a part of my clients maternity sessions while also getting the fine art gown settings as well. Embrace these days as they won't last but 9 months.



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