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Arlington, Texas Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Meet Megan. She was so excited for her session but also a little nervous for her boudoir photoshoot. She is a mom of 5! Just wow, right? We had such a blast during her time in the studio. Once she seen her images she couldn't believe it. Megan says "I am absolutely in love with all the pictures I got back, I could not even pick. She blew me away within every aspect". This is why I started shooting boudoir! It brings me joy by helping women see themselves in a way that they can say and realize "I still got it". As you can tell, even though she was a little nervous at first, she totally rocked her Arlington boudoir session and is so glad she finally did it.

I loved that we seemed to share a common interest in music genres. I really get in the zone while listening to music and always feel like it makes it much more comfortable and fun. I absolutely loved the mauve body suit she decided to bring. Megan was excited to surprise her husband with these photos as a gift! Giving a gift this awesome is just another extra bonus of a #boudoirsession.

I have been at my #ArlingtonTexas studio for almost 5 years now and have already expanded my space once. I'd love to expand again to add even more setups! I with I could live in my boho inspired room! lol It's so freakin pretty and relaxing. My house is covered in toys since I have 4 kids. Yep, just an ocean of toys and legos that grace my feet lol

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