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Couples Boudoir

This will be the most fun date you two will ever have!

Megan Boudoir Finals-18.jpg


These sessions are an amazing experience for the both of you. I will make both of you feel comfortable while guiding you both into every pose with ease while giving easy prompts for you and your partner. All couples receive a full prep guide for you both and a styling guide on what your partner can bring to wear. 

During your couples session we will also get solo shots of each of you! Men get a full style guide on what to bring and is typically something they already have in their closet already!

I'll be honest, most of the guys that I have photographed are pretty shy and never thought they could do something like a boudoir session! So, pretty much what a lot of women have also thought:) After every session both partners talk about how much fun it was. It's so funny cause sometimes a client will text me and tell me how he was so excited afterwards "he just wouldn't shut up about it.". LOL Mission accomplished.

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